Cedar Grove Church

About Us

If there was one word to describe Cedar Grove Church, it would be FAMILY. At our church, we never meet a stranger twice. We are a church where you can easily build relationships with other believers and feel loved and supported. As one of our members put it, “We are small enough to know your name, but big enough to meet your needs.”

With our beginnings dating back to the 1800’s, Cedar Grove Church has a rich history of changing lives for Jesus Christ. We are a body of believers committed to equipping disciples to positively impact the earth for Jesus Christ. This mission not only challenges the congregation to guide disciples through the various stages of Christian development, but also calls the congregation to be authentic models of Christ-like character within the community and in daily living. The principles of evangelism, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and ministry are the key functions to achieve our goal. Our aim for each believer is to transition beyond traditional church membership, to maturity, to ministry, and to missions that positively impact our environment.